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Wooden fences are private and beautiful. Contact Eastern Fence for purchase and installation of high-quality wooden fences in the Maritimes. If you want privacy, protection and natural beauty, choose from our wide range of wooden fence systems. They come in a variety of heights and styles. Pressure-treated and cedar fence boards and rails are the most common materials. Our experts install wooden fences on galvanized steel or wood posts, depending on your needs. We custom-build your fence on-site so you know you’re getting the perfect fit.

The most important benefit of a wooden fence is that it comes in various designs and styles. Horizontal and vertical fencing styles are the common choice among our customers. These days the horizontal style is gaining popularity. Our designers at Eastern Fence are committed to bringing you designs that not only enhance the look of your property, but also are durable enough to last for years. The durability of a wooden fence depends on how well it is prepared to withstand extreme weather conditions. Pressure-treated lumber and cedar are what we use to make the fence attain strength and to increase its lifespan.

Wooden fences are safe for kids and pets and also increase the curb appeal of your garden. Coloured wooden fences for gardens are in great demand. Wood can be easily moulded into any shape, style and design and moreover, it’s eco-friendly. With proper maintenance and care, wooden fences can last up to 20 years without any signs of rotting or aging.

Clean Your Fence
Keep your wooden fence clean; keep it away from moisture. Pressure water cleaning helps remove the accumulated dust, fungus and other deposits that may harm the wood. Keep your plants away from the fence and keep trimming them regularly to prevent insect infestation like ants and termites. Cleaning with water and bleach also helps.

Eastern Fence strongly recommends using steel posts, as they do not rot when exposed to moisture, unlike pressure-treated lumber. The wood you use these days, for installation, is not properly pressure-treated like it was 10 or 20 years ago. It is more prone to rotting easily. If you are installing wooden posts, you need to take great care when installing them in concrete footing, so that they do not rot prematurely.

Examine for Damages
Inspect your fence for any rot, crack, mold or infestation. A regular examination prevents further damages. Replace the rotten wood, treat the wood for any mold, termite or ant infestation. If there are any sharp edges, cracks or broken parts, make sure to replace or repair it at the earliest.

Oil Stain or Paint
Oil-based stain improves the look of the fence and also adds value to the years of its life. Oil stains are effective as they penetrate the wood completely, keep insects away and also prevent daily wear and tear by regular use. Generally a single coat of oil stain is good enough for the wood but two coats can be more beneficial. It is to cover up any spots you missed while applying the first coat of stain. After staining, you can go ahead and paint your fence as well. Make sure to completely dry the fence before staining.

Replace Rusted or Loose Nails
Keep replacing the old nails, as the metal nails might rust and cause harm to the wood. You are required to keep the nails new. This increases the strength of the wooden fence too. A loose nail in the wooden fence can be dangerous as it may cause it to break and harm anyone using the wooden fence.

Water-resistant Coat
The best way to keep your wooden fence from rotting away too quickly is to keep it away from water. There are various quality water-resistant coatings available in the market. Apply the coat to the fence and let it dry completely and if needed, apply another coat to make it more effective. Even after the application, remember to check the coating and apply whenever necessary.

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