Highway products

Highway guide rail
  • Eastern Fence is an active member of the road building community in Atlantic Canada.
  • We are the leading highway guide rail and wildlife fence installers in the Maritimes.
  • Our installers are trained and certified to install energy absorbing systems (EAGRTS) and crash attenuators.
  • We have been involved in a number of major highway construction projects throughout Atlantic Canada — most recently the Route 1 Gateway Project from Petitcodiac, NB, to the US border.

Guide rail

Eastern Fence is the largest installer of highway guide rail systems in Atlantic Canada.

Our guide rail products meet all Department of Transportation specifications and AASHTO M180-12. We typically install guide rail on wood posts or galvanized steel posts.

highway guide rail

Eastern Fence also provides guide rail products & services for commercial parking lots and private roads or developments.


Energy Absorbing Guide Rail Terminal Systems are used in various traffic safety situations.

Our certified installers & sales representatives are able to provide design information and specifications as well as inspection services upon request.

Impact attenuators

Eastern Fence is experienced in the supply, installation, & repair of crash attenuators for a variety of applications, with multiple products available that meet NCHRP Report 350, Test Levels 2 and 3.

Wildlife fence & wildlife gates

Our wildlife fence is designed to control the movement of moose, deer, elk and other animals. It is available in 6′ and 8′ heights.

Wildlife gates or ungulate gates are a one way gate designed to allow animals to exit the highway side of a fence while preventing wildlife from entering back through the gate.